Five Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Today, physicians are using deep tissue laser therapy more than ever to help their patients find relief from pain and inflammation related to a variety of common conditions. This treatment uses a beam of light to penetrate tissue to promote healing. If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, here are five benefits you can expect by choosing deep tissue laser therapy in Brandon, FL.

Faster Healing
The laser therapy floods the tissues with photons, energizing damaged cells and increasing blood flow to the affected area. When your body’s healing responses take action after laser therapy, tissues can be repaired three times as fast.

No Medications Needed
Many of our patients turn to laser therapy to avoid using medications. Deep tissue laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation without the unwanted side effects and risk of addiction that comes with opioids.

If you’re already in pain, the last treatment you want to pursue is invasive surgery. With deep tissue laser therapy in Brandon, FL, you can experience relief that is no-risk and non-invasive.

There is a wide variety of conditions that can benefit from deep tissue laser therapy. The lasers can be set to operate at a particular power range, and there are multiple types of treatment heads. Advanced software also allows physicians to create custom treatments based on body region, condition, and patient characteristics. With this flexibility, you can be ensured the delivery method of your treatment is appropriate for your situation. Conditions that have been known to benefit from laser therapy are arthritis, sports injuries, disc disorders, and post-surgical recovery.

Quick Treatments
If you have a busy schedule, fast and effective treatments are a must. Your laser treatment should not last more than ten minutes. There is also no recovery period after a session of laser therapy; unlike surgery, you won’t be forced to put your life on hold as you wait to heal.

If your goal is to find relief from acute or chronic pain without resorting to medication or invasive treatment, make an appointment today for deep tissue laser therapy in Brandon, FL. Our team of chiropractors at Brandon Chiropractic Associates is dedicated to helping you find quick relief so you can live your best life.