Four Signs You Should See a Physical Therapist

male physical therapist treating a patient’s kneeIt is not uncommon for athletes to make the mistake of not seeing a physical therapist following an injury. However, you don’t have to be recovering from a serious injury to benefit from physical therapy. Keep reading for some signs that it may be time to seek physical therapy in Valrico, FL.

You are still in pain three days after an injury
When you experience an injury, you should avoid physical activity for about three days. Apply ice to the area and elevate it. If you are still in pain after three days, you should schedule an appointment with a physical therapist.

Pain medication is ineffective
If you’re an athlete, you may be used to minor aches and pains. If over-the-counter pain medication offers no relief, however, it may be time to seek physical therapy.

You see changes in your appearance
If you are noticing significant changes in appearance (i.e., a knee that is always swollen), you should contact a physical therapist as soon as possible. You could be making an underlying injury even worse.

You are experiencing sharp pain
Our bodies use pain as a sign to tell us that something is wrong. If you are feeling a pain that is sudden and sharp, you may have a pulled ligament or stress fracture. With the right physical therapy program, you can potentially avoid the need for medical procedures or surgery.