Four Ways Physical Therapy Can Keep You Healthy

health care aid helping a patientWhen it comes to physical therapy in Valrico, FL, patients rely on treatment to build strength and recover from surgery or injuries. During the process, most people also find an improvement in their overall health and quality of life. Here are just a few of the ways physical therapy can contribute to happiness and health.

Reducing Pain
While medically necessary, certain surgeries or other invasive procedures can result in pain during the recovery process. Pain can also arise from a sports injury, or you may be experiencing whiplash following a car accident. With car accident physical therapy in Bradenton, FL, the therapeutic exercises can help relieve pain and improve your mobility by restoring muscle and joint function.

Improving Balance
If you are susceptible to falling, physical therapy can provide a way to safely challenge your balance so you can be more prepared for real-life situations. A physical therapist can work with you on exercises that help improve balance, as well as maneuvers to help dizziness or vertigo.

Faster Healing
By promoting strength, increasing circulation, and stimulating tissue growth, physical therapy can help lessen recovery time after surgery or an injury.

Managing Age-Related Conditions
Arthritis and osteoporosis are common conditions that come with age. Physical therapy has been proven to help manage symptoms by relieving stiffness and stimulating stronger bones.