What to Expect with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

woman receiving laser therapy for painWhat to Expect with Deep Tissue Laser TherapyAt Brandon Chiropractic Associates, we offer one of the most effective options in the industry to help address pain. Deep tissue laser therapy, performed at our practice with the use of LightForce™ lasers, has been providing effective pain relief for endless patients in the Brandon, Valrico, and East Tampa area. Here are some things to expect when you schedule an appointment for laser treatment at our clinic.

Some precautions
There are a few precautions that must be mentioned regarding laser therapy. Your doctor will be providing you with eye protection, as it will be required for both of you during the session. Laser therapy should also not be performed over pacemakers, malignancies, spinal stimulators, or the midsection of pregnant women.

A quick session
Your laser therapy session will likely last under ten minutes. There is also no recovery period after a session, so you can return straight to your regular activities after receiving laser treatment for pain in Brandon, FL.

No discomfort
A common question we receive concerning laser therapy is, “What does it feel like?” Depending on the strength of the laser, you may feel nothing, while some patients report feeling a warm and soothing sensation.

Results after 3-5 sessions
While your chiropractor will determine the treatment plan that is best for you and your condition, those who receive LightForce™ laser therapy generally see results after 3-5 treatments.